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20 Oct 2010

Jungle party

Well the cake I decorated myself using fondant icing. I had someone bake it for me though cos I thought it would just be easier. This is my first time ever decorating a cake! It was quite a hit with the little ones, I'm guessing because of the bright colours!

The decorations against the walls (monkey/giraffe) I made myself.
And then I hung some animal soft toys up. 
I made a sign that greeted the guests "welome to the jungle"
stuck it on sticks and stuck it in the garden as well as animal
printed balloons! All the party supplies were very cute,
animal hats and masks, cups, plates etc I got from the internet.
For lunch I served marmite sandwiches cut out in animal
shapes and bananas for the monkeys!
I served toddler juice boxes which I called jungle juice!
And the sweeties were Zoo cookies, Flings, Jellies, marshmellows,
lollipops etc, mostly suitable for 1 year olds!
I live in NZ (but I'm South African) and the flings were a HUGE
hit with the Kiwi babies :)
I also hired some outdoor toys, like a slide, a ride on and
a ball pit to keep the little ones busy.


Melanie Schiffer said...

Stunning!! Just love it!! said...

It is really gorgeous and very well thought out

kids party said...

Now that is wonderful. Very very good decorations and the cake looks amazing.

Lavern Owie said...

i like this post. great idea! i love the color combination and the theme itself. please keep on posting this kind of stuff and God bless.

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