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10 Jan 2012

Oreo Owling Fun

Aren’t these SO cute?!

We know Halloween’s past and we don’t REALLY celebrate Halloween in South Africa, but I came across these super cute Muffin Owls that we just could not keep to ourselves!

This is what you’ll need to make these yummy little creatures:

Smarties for the beak and eyes

The original Oreo’s for the big googly eyes
Plain chocolate muffins or cupcakes

And of course chocolate icing to stick him all together

Step 1 : Prepare your chocolate icing using the traditional method, Margarine, icing sugar and Cocoa Powder.

Step 2 : Ice the top of your Muffins / Cupcakes with your chocolate icing, make sure it's nice and thick to ensure everything sticks.
Step 3 : Twist 2 Oreo's apart. You only need the side of the Oreo that the white filling has stuck to. These will be used for his big owl eyes. Keep the other halves of the Oreo's as I will share another yummy and fun idea with you later on, which will show you how to use them ;)

Step 4 : Press the back of the Oreo halves onto the top of your iced cupcake so that the white Oreo filling is facing you
Step 5 : Now that his big eyes are on, fish out 2 brown smarties, put a tiny blob of icing onto the back of them, stick them onto the Oreo's and Voila!! Your Owl now has pupils to look at you!

Step 6: Lastly, to finish him off, push an orange Smartie into the middle of his "face" for his little beak.

Step 7: Enjoy him and all his chocolatey goodness!


15 Sep 2011

SpongeBob Party

SpongeBob Party

The SpongeBob SquarePants is so popular in South Africa. We decided to have this party because there is so many ideas for the Spongebob Squarepants theme. 

The cake
 The cake was very easy to make, we laminated an image via the net, 
icing and plain sponge cake.

The Decor
We took cheap simple party paper plates and glued round prints.

The Pinata

The Pinata was made with a cereal box, prints and long marshmallows.

And the kids had so much fun.

14 Nov 2010

Minnie Mouse

I combined the theme with polka dots seeing that Minnie’s skirt has polka dots on it.

Megan (birthday girl) will be the only one with a pink shirt to look just like Minnie.

Made Minnie and Mickey mouse stands so that we can take a picture of each kid at the theme boards.

I made little skirts for each girl and asked the Mommy's to make sure all the kids has white shirts on.

The cake was in the shape of Mickey Mouse

I made centre pieces out of polystyrene balls and alls made small Minnie/Mickey mouse heads for the party packs.

I made centre pieces out of polystyrene balls and made small Minnie/Mickey mouse heads for the party packs.

I made these chocolate "Thank you"
I really enjoyed every moment of it and the girls loved their skirts.

                                                                                         Elizabeth Keys

20 Oct 2010

Jungle party

Well the cake I decorated myself using fondant icing. I had someone bake it for me though cos I thought it would just be easier. This is my first time ever decorating a cake! It was quite a hit with the little ones, I'm guessing because of the bright colours!

The decorations against the walls (monkey/giraffe) I made myself.
And then I hung some animal soft toys up. 
I made a sign that greeted the guests "welome to the jungle"
stuck it on sticks and stuck it in the garden as well as animal
printed balloons! All the party supplies were very cute,
animal hats and masks, cups, plates etc I got from the internet.
For lunch I served marmite sandwiches cut out in animal
shapes and bananas for the monkeys!
I served toddler juice boxes which I called jungle juice!
And the sweeties were Zoo cookies, Flings, Jellies, marshmellows,
lollipops etc, mostly suitable for 1 year olds!
I live in NZ (but I'm South African) and the flings were a HUGE
hit with the Kiwi babies :)
I also hired some outdoor toys, like a slide, a ride on and
a ball pit to keep the little ones busy.

06 Oct 2010

Bug party

The bug party was for a 1st birthday celebration.
I painted bug scene setters

eg. A frog, snail, worms & ladybugs.

Also painted a little board that said “what are little boys made off”
I went with a blue, green & yellow colours for the theme.

I went with a blue, green & yellow to dress up the tables & chairs.
We had a number one balloon stand with blue,
green & yellow helium balloons.

I used cardboard boxes for the party packs & cut a square out
and added mesh in the inside.
I added the sweets &
little bugs on the outside as a finish.

cupcakes with little bugs on them.

The cake was in a shape of a number 1
and we added bugs to top of the cake.

                                            Melanie Schiffer  


27 Sep 2010

Disco party

This theme was for a 13th Birthday Tiffany chose a Disco Glow in the Dark Neon Party.

At the 1st entrance we placed a balloon arch together with a disco ball piƱata filled with candy and a "Dance till you drop" vinyl cutout on plastic.

On the wall we used a Disco Scene Setter that covered the whole wall together with cutouts/musical notes

At the 2nd entrance we had to disco figures (man and woman) we used a projector to outline the figures onto paper and from there we outlined it onto a hard board.  We used a jigsaw to cut out the figures and sprayed it black.  We put a stand on the back to keep them upright.  With them we used a multi colored door curtain.

We had 2 small balloon pillars on the stage and 1 large one when entering the door.  On top of the pillars we placed balloons of which the stars glow in the dark

The Cake is a Topsy Turvy cake.  The top of the layers were cut to give the specific look, we took skewer sticks to put inside the cake to hold it upright.

From the roof we hung Glow in the dark Lanterns together with the balloons

We used Glow in the Dark Cups for the children and underneath the overlays we put fairylights.  From the roof we hang little disco balls over the glow in the dark cups. We served snack platters with 11 different snacks on them.

                                                                               Sonja Smart - Welkom

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