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29 Jun 2010

Sleepover Party

My little girl decided to have a sleep over party so we made little pillow invitations

They were printed on cardboard. A separate piece of cardboard was made to slip into the pillow with a face on the top. On that the address and details were printed.

The table was made up like a bed with sheets and duvet cover
Pillows were placed on every chair for comfort and fun. Fairy lights were in the window sill for effect.

Behind the birthday girl was the headboard with continental pillows, blanket, teddy bear and decor pillows
As it was for little girls we asked that the each brought their teddy with them and for a activity decorated little tops for the teddy bears.

The children then all made "Betty spagetti"

hotdogs which they also really enjoyed eating too

It was cake time and the cake was made like a bed

The cake was chocolate and the icing was fondant molded to look like a blanket and the faces were also made out of icing.

It was then time to go relax in front of a movie. With the lounge all decorated with a tent like feel. The children all slept with their teddy's and sleeping bags. It was great fun.

Angie Teixeira - Cape Town

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