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14 Oct 2009

Incredibles - 4 years

For my Sons 4th birthday he wanted an Incredibles birthday party, and this year we decided to have his party at his play-school. I made his invitation using my trusty computer. The wording was… Dear Incredible (child’s name), You are invited to an Incredible party at my Incredible school!!

We also asked the kids to dress up in red if they could. On the day using an Incredibles poster found in an Incredibles "lucky packet" at Pick n Pay, I was able to introduce the kids to the Incredibles family.

The first introduction was to Dash – the fast Incredible. The word “dash” was explained and then all the kids were told to Dash outside to get their masks. Each child was then given a black mask. We used black blanket material to cut out the masks. Blanket material was ideal as it was cheap and stretchy and didn’t fray. It would easily go around any size head, so it just needed to be cut out, and it cost under R3 per child! The kids loved it, and best of all, they got to keep their masks and take it home with them.
After running around a bit we went back to the Poster of the Incredibles family and talked about Violet. It was explained that Violet could go from visible to invisible. To demonstrate this, The kids were all given a picture of an Incredible to colour in with a white crayon, they could also draw their own picture if they wanted using the same white crayon. We then explained that the white crayon was almost invisible on the white paper. To go from invisible to visible they had to paint their picture and suddenly they could see what they had coloured in or drawn. Invisible to visible!
I also used a magic pen, bought from a local party shop, to write their names on their works of art. This pen’s ink went from visible to invisible. Just like Violet!

then explained, that she was also special in that she could put a force-field the shape of a bubble around her! To demonstrate we then all went outside and using a giant Bubble wand bought from Verimark (also seen them in CNA and Pick n Pay), we were able to make huge bubbles, just like Violet! The kids enjoyed trying to pop the enormous bubbles. Everyone had a turn trying to make the biggest bubble. To keep everyone happy while waiting for their turn with the wand, we had normal bubbles for the kids too.
Then it was time to have something to eat and drink. So we went inside and introduced the next member of the family, the Incredible Mommy - Elastagirl! It was explained that elastic could stretch and to demonstrate "stretch", I had earlier put stockings around my waist and through my jacket sleeves and the kids enjoyed pulling "Elastagirl's" arms!
We then handed out the party boxes. The boxes were filled with a few goodies to eat and an apple juice each.

To make the Party boxes, we had pasted pictures of Elastagirl on them and cut off her feet. We then punched holes where her feet should be on the box (see pic) and threaded stockings through the holes to make longer stretchy legs. The "legs" were then stretched around the box and tied. The feet we had cut off were then pasted on the end of the stockings. Looked very cute and the kids had fun trying to untangle her legs!
After most of the contents of the party boxes were devoured, the children met the Villan’s big bad robot in the form of a Piñata!!
Making a piñata is time-consuming but lots of fun especially if the kids help! To make your own piñata: Inflate a balloon and attach a rope to it. Paper Mache the balloon, and remember to make it nice and strong at the top where the rope and balloon are attached together. You will add the sweets later, so leave a small area open at the side or near the bottom for first. When totally dry, pop the balloon and then add the sweets, use individually wrapped sweets to fill the piñata especially if you are still going to paint it. Paper Mache the open section closed and leave to dry. Once completely dry – paint and decorate it.
Finally it was time to introduce Mr Incredible! As the strongest of all the Incredibles, and the one who does most of the fighting against the Robot in the movie, it was time to find our muscles just like Mr Incredible. So out came the boxing gloves and each child had a chance to punch the big bad Robot Piñata.
Lots of fun was had by all, and unfortunately Jack Jack… was too small to come to the party!
Bernadine - CAPE TOWN

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Santie said...

Wow, what an incredible party! Bernadine sure is creative!!!!!!

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