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18 Nov 2009

Pony Party - 5 years

November 2009

I have just arranged a Pony Party for my little girl's 5th birthday. She's crazy about horses.
The invitations were classically her inviting everyone to gallop over to her party.
For party favours I made rosettes from crinkle paper, cut out horses with each little one's name on it to colour in and decorate with glitter and wool for mane and tails, and of course the party pack in a plastic bucket with sweets, chips and a horsey gift.
The cake was a carrot cake decorated as a paddock with horses and trees, and I used wafers and pretzel sticks as the fencing. I make awesome caramel toffee appels which were decorated with smarties, hundreds and thousands and jelly tots.
For games we played musical chairs but using pats of hay and each one then got their party pack as a gift. I made a piƱata which is SOOO easy and they vented their frustrations breaking it and getting the loot inside. Lastly, the moms got involved and we all played pin the tail on the horse and each person then got their rosettes.There is a load of lovely information on the internet and with just a bit of practical creative thinking, you can pull it off on a shoestring budget and have fun planning and preparing too. Yeeaaahhhh!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Mandi Fuller said...

Looks like a great party!! How do you make a pinata?

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