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08 Apr 2009

Springbok Rugby Party - 2 years

April 2009

It was my grandson's 2nd birthday on 1/3/2009. We invited all the little ones with their moms and dads to our Springbok Rugby party.

The invites were made by myself. I took a photo of my grandson in his fully dressed Springbok rugby clothes and hat and made the invitations on the PC with the background as washout and the invitation on the washout paper. I made a small invitation and rolled it up. I put the rolled up invitation into a Springbok Rugby balloon. This I then put into a small envelope which I also made. The idea was for the parents to blow up the balloon and then prick it to get to the invitation.

The Big day was the afternoon at 14:00. In front of the yard we had some balloons and streamers and a big banner to tell everybody that the rugby game begins at 14:00.

My son bought two Rugby poles (blow up ones) and he laid out a small rugby field in the back yard. We had banners, balloons, umbrellas, a water slide and gazebo.

We also baked a rugby cake for him and the take away / party packs were Springbok paper bags with sweeties, snacks etc... Each child also got a certificate to take home.

All the little ones and the parents (including grandpa and ma) were wearing Springbok jerseys. It was a big success! Everything went well and they all enjoyed it so much.



Jess said...


Nicky said...

Hi Lily, this looks great. where did you get the blow up rugby posts? I can't find any for my sons rugby party.

Kids Party Directory said...

The inflatable rugby posts can be found at Reggies - hope you come right!

Anonymous said...

where did you get the springbok party boxes?

Kids Party Directory said...

The party packs were found at a store called i-party in Bloemfontein.

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