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31 Mar 2009

Garfield - 4 years

My son Kieran had his 4th Birthday party last year and he was very keen on Garfield. I got a Party Planner to do the party for us and it was such a hit with the kids!

It is easy to do and you can have a successful Garfield party on a budget without using a party planner. The main colours were light blue and orange. The tablecloths were blue with normal orange plates with a cut out picture of Garfield and my son in the middle, (any photo shop can design the picture for you). The Oros bottles' labels were also replaced with a label of Kieran and Garfield with a personalized message, the same on the party boxes which were orange and some white to break the orange. You can hire tables, chairs, tablecloths and chair covers from party shops if you would prefer to cut costs instead of having a party planner arrange everything for you.

The cake was done by a lady we use who is very talented and works from home instead of going through a Home Industry who put their own mark up on the cakes. Also depending on your contacts, you can arrange scanned cup cakes cheaper than from the shops. I always believe in supporting the ladies working from home as they always offer a personalized service and help you plan and choose compared to a shop where you look through catalogues.

The snacks are also easy, sandwiches you can make yourself, just buy fresh brown and white bread, cheese, tomatoes, sliced ham etc. Then one or 2 cakes for the adults. If you would rather not prepare the food yourself I am a champion of Cassies platters as their prices are very reasonable and you get a lot of food for your money, most importantly, the food, especially the sandwiches are lovely.

This is one of the most successful parties we have had and it was done on a budget but look at what a hit it was!


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