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17 Mar 2009

Superman/ Superhero Party - 7 years

For my Son’s 7th birthday, I decided to “cheat” a little! I rented basic party décor from a local planning company and it definitely “set the scene”, the kids could also take home their Superman masks. Although mainly Superman was used, we decided to make it a “Super Hero party” as we wanted to encourage all the kids to dress up. The invitations, colouring pages and goodie bags were made using the computer. The goodie bags were brown paper bags that I had got from a local party shop. Using a picture of Super Hero’s that I found online using Google image search, I added the words "Energy Pack" and then pasted the picture onto the brown bags. I also found some “bookmarks” online and printed them onto a thick card and gave each child a Super Hero bookmark in their goodie bag. To add some colour on the table, I made green “kryptonite” jelly, in clear plastic glasses for each child. To keep the kids entertained we rented a jumping castle that had pictures of various “super heroes” on it. As the piñata was such a hit the previous year, we made another one, this time an asteroid! After filling a balloon with small sweets using a large funnel, we inflated the balloon to it’s full size and tied it. We then did paper-mache around the balloon, waited for it to dry and then spray-painted it black & silver. We had left a tiny place open at the top so that we could later pop the balloon with a pin – leaving just our paper mache asteroid, ready to be destroyed by our super heros! To reduce sugar highs we had the party near lunch time and made “boerewors rolls” using various kinds of sausage to suite the various diets. For dessert we had Superman cupcakes and a Superman birthday cake!
Bernadine - CAPE TOWN

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