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06 Mar 2009

Pretty in Pink - 1 year

I was really keen to throw a special party for my one year old. Everyone warned me not to, seeing as she was too young to remember the event. These warnings made me think of a theme that would last, if not in her memory, then at least in her photo album. We decided to arrange a Pretty in Pink photo shoot.

The guests (all girls) received an invite that said: "You're invited to E's Pretty in Pink Party. Come prepared to play and pose." 

We set up a "studio" corner in the lounge which we draped with pink gingham, and added assorted pink props to. Upon arrival, each little pink princess was photographed in the "studio", and not only did this picture get put in my daughter's album, but a copy was sent to the guest as a "Thank you" memory.

I chose mostly pink foods. Strawberry jelly, pink-coloured custard slices, pink and white marshmallows, strawberry-milkshake Budoir biscuits, Ghost Pops, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and vienna and gouda cheese mini kebabs.

There were a variety of toys set out for the babies to play with (mostly pink), but the highlight was a huge tub of cooked pink spaghetti that provided plenty entertainment for some curious fingers (an activity suggested to me by an occupationel therapist friend of mine).

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