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03 Mar 2009

BUBBLE PARTY - 2 years

My daughter celebrated her second birthday in the heat of summer. At that time her favourite past-time was blowing bubbles, so it was a no-brainer: we had a Bubble Party! The garden was strung with loads of purple and blue ballons, which the party guests got to take home at the end of the day.
We covered all the tables in bubble wrap (and many little fingers got busy popping all those plastic bubbles throughout the party!). I also laid out a dance floor of bubble wrap to provide loads of foot stomping entertainment. Each child received a party pack wrapped in bubble wrap. Popped-rice-marshmallow snacks and bubble-shaped marshmallows were scattered over the party table. Each child received a necklace of threaded Jelly Tots with their party pack. Other sweets appropriate for the theme were Fizzers and Fizz Pop Lolly Pops. I avoided bubble-gum because most of the kids were so small at the time. The birthday cake was tricky. In the end, being pretty inexperienced, I arranged a collection of various sized round cakes and cupcakes on a board to resemble a cluster of bubbles. The birthday girl approved! For the games, we filled two large, shell-shaped containers for the children to play in. One was filled with water and LOADS of bubble bath, the other filled with round plastic balls. The kids spent ages playing in these. Eventually, both shells had bubbles and balls! We also had real bubbles to blow, and the parents were encouraged to keep these floating throughout most of the party.

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