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17 Mar 2009

Bob the Builder - 2 years

My two sons have their birthdays a week apart, so I have started to cheat a little when it comes to décor! For my Son’s 2nd birthday, I rented basic party décor from a local party planning company and used it to “set the scene”. Each child also got a “hard hat” and “tool” which they could take home. I tried sourcing these items first, but the party planners were able to get the hard hats and tools for much cheaper than I could. The invitations, colouring pages and goodie bags were made using the computer. The goodie bags were brown paper bags that I had got from a local party shop. Using a picture of either 'Scoop' or 'Muck' that I found online using Google image search, I added the words "Bob’s Snack Pack" and then pasted the picture onto the brown bags. For drinks, I bought ordinary apple juices, and made “slip covers” for them that read Builders Juice”. I then placed my son’s 'Bob-the-Builder' toys and tools all over the table for the kids to play with. In one corner, I placed a large plastic shell filled with Duplo (Lego). We made popcorn and placed them in yellow buckets on the table. When my eldest son was younger we realized, that having parties around lunch time was a great way to reduce sugar highs and make sure the kids got some proper food to eat.

Bernadine - CAPE TOWN

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