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10 Jan 2012

Oreo Owling Fun

Aren’t these SO cute?!

We know Halloween’s past and we don’t REALLY celebrate Halloween in South Africa, but I came across these super cute Muffin Owls that we just could not keep to ourselves!

This is what you’ll need to make these yummy little creatures:

Smarties for the beak and eyes

The original Oreo’s for the big googly eyes
Plain chocolate muffins or cupcakes

And of course chocolate icing to stick him all together

Step 1 : Prepare your chocolate icing using the traditional method, Margarine, icing sugar and Cocoa Powder.

Step 2 : Ice the top of your Muffins / Cupcakes with your chocolate icing, make sure it's nice and thick to ensure everything sticks.
Step 3 : Twist 2 Oreo's apart. You only need the side of the Oreo that the white filling has stuck to. These will be used for his big owl eyes. Keep the other halves of the Oreo's as I will share another yummy and fun idea with you later on, which will show you how to use them ;)

Step 4 : Press the back of the Oreo halves onto the top of your iced cupcake so that the white Oreo filling is facing you
Step 5 : Now that his big eyes are on, fish out 2 brown smarties, put a tiny blob of icing onto the back of them, stick them onto the Oreo's and Voila!! Your Owl now has pupils to look at you!

Step 6: Lastly, to finish him off, push an orange Smartie into the middle of his "face" for his little beak.

Step 7: Enjoy him and all his chocolatey goodness!


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