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27 Sep 2010

Disco party

This theme was for a 13th Birthday Tiffany chose a Disco Glow in the Dark Neon Party.

At the 1st entrance we placed a balloon arch together with a disco ball piƱata filled with candy and a "Dance till you drop" vinyl cutout on plastic.

On the wall we used a Disco Scene Setter that covered the whole wall together with cutouts/musical notes

At the 2nd entrance we had to disco figures (man and woman) we used a projector to outline the figures onto paper and from there we outlined it onto a hard board.  We used a jigsaw to cut out the figures and sprayed it black.  We put a stand on the back to keep them upright.  With them we used a multi colored door curtain.

We had 2 small balloon pillars on the stage and 1 large one when entering the door.  On top of the pillars we placed balloons of which the stars glow in the dark

The Cake is a Topsy Turvy cake.  The top of the layers were cut to give the specific look, we took skewer sticks to put inside the cake to hold it upright.

From the roof we hung Glow in the dark Lanterns together with the balloons

We used Glow in the Dark Cups for the children and underneath the overlays we put fairylights.  From the roof we hang little disco balls over the glow in the dark cups. We served snack platters with 11 different snacks on them.

                                                                               Sonja Smart - Welkom

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

looks great, where did you get all the glow in the dark cups and lanters? My daughter is turning 13 in April and wants a glow in the dark party.

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