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06 Oct 2010

Bug party

The bug party was for a 1st birthday celebration.
I painted bug scene setters

eg. A frog, snail, worms & ladybugs.

Also painted a little board that said “what are little boys made off”
I went with a blue, green & yellow colours for the theme.

I went with a blue, green & yellow to dress up the tables & chairs.
We had a number one balloon stand with blue,
green & yellow helium balloons.

I used cardboard boxes for the party packs & cut a square out
and added mesh in the inside.
I added the sweets &
little bugs on the outside as a finish.

cupcakes with little bugs on them.

The cake was in a shape of a number 1
and we added bugs to top of the cake.

                                            Melanie Schiffer  



KennQ said...

great post, I really like it. Thanks for posting. :)

Melanie Schiffer said...

Please Note: I cover the whole of the Free State as well as Pretoria & JHB! Will also supply stock anywhere in SA!

Tink Parties...
Add a little magic!!

Melanie Schiffer

Lavern Owie said...

two thumbs up!

i really like this post, especially the cake. :)

please keep on posting cute stuffs like this, keep it up and God bless.

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