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08 Jul 2010

Noddy Party 1st Birthday

Each friend got a Noddy hat, different colour from Noddy’s. I stayed in the colour scheme of; dark blue, light blue, red and yellow. So the party packs contained a Noddy hat, a noddy friend face mask that I downloaded from the Noddy page ,and soft sweeties. The party pack got a sticker on with each friends name which I also downloaded from the Noddy page. I bought some small round stickers at a party shop to fasten the paper bag at the back.

I made a tablecloth from light blue fabric with yellow felt circles. I used white paper plates and covered the white Polystyrene cups with colourful paper.

Made some ice-cream cone clowns to go with the cake.   

The cake is a normal chocolate cake, double layers. I decorated it with marzipan that I coloured with red and yellow food colouring, the Noddy on the cake I borrowed from someone. 
The Noddy car was made from fibreglass and can even move, my father-in-law made it; he specialises in fibreglass and metal.

It was such fun planning his bday, I had a blast!
             An-Toinette Lightfoot


Anonymous said...

aahhh this is stunning where can i get a car like that for my little one...

Lavern Owie said...

so nice! i really like it. :)
this is a great blog! please keep on posting and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

wow!! what great ideas. Do you rent out your noddy car?

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