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21 Jan 2010

Pirates Party - 1 year

January 2010

My Griffen turned ONE the 12th of January. How time flies !!! I had this idea in my head and just ran with it ... I first sent out a "save the date" mail to all the maaitjies. Then, in early January I sent out the Invitations which I made myself. Because we were trying to save on costs, I did EVERYTHING myself (the cake with my sister's help). I rented the chairs and tables with the covers from "Vergeet-my-nie" in Centurion. I made some boxes with some sweeties and goodies in for the kids, with a scull & crossbones picture on it and every child's name & their pirate name. (Here I had to use my own imagination). I got some material with sculls on, cut out large squares and rolled them up for a bandanna and attached a eye patch for each child. The pirate ship in the middle is my nephews LEGO ... Can you believe how lego has changed ... The usual other party stuff I got at a party shop in Eco Park Centre. The Flags I made from colored paper. The cake was a mission and a half, but it came out a success after a few hours of trying hehe (Thanks to my sis). My mom also made the rice crispy cupcakes (marshmallows, butter and ricecrispies) and inserted a coin in the middle !!! It was really fun to do it all myself ... And it makes you sooooo proud. Luckily I didn't have to pay a photographer as I am a photographer myself !!! Kind Regards, Mommy Monique @ Griffen's 1st Bday as a Pirate !!!

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