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29 May 2009

Spiderman - 4 years

For my Son’s 4th birthday party, the theme of choice was obvious: he was a Spiderman fan, through and through.
The invites were the standard Spiderman store-bought ones and the kids enjoyed a couple of themed games such as tangled web, where the kids stand in a circle and those standing opposite one another each hold one end of a length of string. We then played a “twister” type routine which ended up with them getting all tangled up in the string and once they were securely entangled, had to get themselves free again without letting go of their end of string.
The highlight of the party was when each child at the party was presented with their very own Spiderman mask, made by myself in the weeks before hand. I made a basic balaclava style mask and drew spider webs on the masks with a laundry marker.
The party packs had to be bravely retrieved from the mouth of a giant black widow spider which my mother and I paper mached using a mixture of flour and water, a large punching balloon, newspaper and some black paint.


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