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16 Mar 2009

Teletubbies - 2 years

Most small kids love the Teletubbies and my child was one of them! For his second Birthday we had a small party with mainly family. The red, yellow, green and purple theme was carried right through from the tableware (plates etc…) to the sweets. The Birthday cake was in the shape of a two and to add interest, I placed Teletubbie figurines around the cake. Next to Po, I placed the red sweets and next to La-La the yellow ones and so on. I used a square container covered in foil and pasted on pink cardboard “buttons” and so managed to make a Tubbie “Toaster” (thank goodness for a 2yr old’s imagination!). For the Tubbie Toast I used Chocolate digestive biscuits, and used icing to make faces on the biscuits. I made pink Tubbie Custard using instant pudding.
For decorations we put up Teletubbie balloons and all the Teletubbie toys were put out on display. I also put my son’s face in the sun and had ‘child size’ Teletubbies on the walls around the room (To make your own large wall decorations, borrow/rent an overhead projector from you local school. Trace the small picture you have onto an overhead projector sheet. Then put a large sheet of paper on the wall, and project the picture onto the sheet of paper. Adjust the projector until the picture on the wall is the right size, trace the outline. Using paint you can do the final touches). We also used his teletubbie soft toys and soft animals such as his lion, bear & giraffe etc.. to create an “animal parade”. Some other toys were put out to play with, and very little entertaining was needed.
Bernadine - CAPE TOWN

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