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17 Mar 2009

Fairy Party - 3 years

When my little fairy turned three, we celebrated with a magical fairy party. I hand wrote the invitations on slips of vellum and enclosed these as well as confetti and paper dragonflies in purple hexagonal envelopes. I made little oven-baked fairies out of polymer clay (one for each guest) and hid these in the garden for the children to find and keep. The guests were asked to come dressed according to the theme, and we set up a fairy chair in the garden for photos. Upon arrival, each little fairy was placed on the fairy throne, and given a handful of glitter (fairy dust) and told to blow it into the wind and make a wish - the photo was taken at the crucial moment - these pictures were later sent as thank-yous for attending the party. For games: We started with a treasure hunt (where the kids each found a hidden garden fairy). I hid gold chocolate coins in the sandpit that they had to dig out. The guests then sat in the fairy circle (I had marked a circle on the lawn with fresh flower petals and leaves) and we played Pass-the-Parcel. After this, each fairy got their own bottle of bubbles, and we spent some time 'blowing fairy kisses'. The Party Packs were cheap plastic purple plates that I found at The Excitement Store. A range of sweetie goodies were placed on each plate, and the whole plate was wrapped up in celophane with a ribbon tying it up - the effect was very pretty. The birthday cake was very simply a large purple mushroom with three little plastic icing fairies sitting on top of it. I picked sparkler candles to add to the magical feel. We ended the party back in the fairy circle where a fairy tale story was read to the little party guests.

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